Saturday, January 31, 2009

Awesome Alaska

This was a trip we made in May/June 2003.

We decided to go to Alaska for the Memorial Day weekend partly to visit the place before the crowds and mosquitoes begin to swarm the place, but mostly because once the idea hit my head, I couldn’t wait to go there. As usual, I visited all the travel websites on Alaska, read every single book I could lay my hands on, and talked to all my acquaintances that had been there before. I planned the trip to the last detail. None of that helped in the end, because we canceled some plans, made new ones and still ended up having a fantastic time. Here is the trip map.

On our flight to Anchorage, we met Tim, a local guy who studied on the mainland. He was very nice and hospitable, told us all about the must-see sights in Anchorage, showed a bunch of his pictures. He even gave us his phone number, just in case we ran into trouble. Talk about Alaskan hospitality!

The flight was about to land and it was then that we first experienced the “Land of the Midnight Sun”. To read the rest of the report (I promise it is good!), visit the Club Mahindra blog.

I sent this travelogue to Lakshmi a month ago to post on their blog. It just got published there, so this elaborate setup is to direct you to the Club Mahindra blog to read about the first leg of our trip.


  1. I was there at Alaska from Club Mahindras! :)
    Beautiful post, Vamsee!

  2. The best trips in the end are those that dont follow a plan. :)

  3. Vamsee,
    Nice, I might go there this summer, in which case I'll contact you. ;-)

  4. i don't know if my comment was saved or not. neways i wrote abt the interesting recount of ur alaska trip. i read it on club mahindra blog. also ur husband puking had me laughing

  5. Re: Elaborate Setup, haha...hope Club Mahindra is gving you a few free nights for the trouble. :)

    As for Alaska, I so want to go there, but in one of those Alaskan Cruises which combine a land tour too.

  6. Vamsee : You have stunning landscape and seascape images in that Mahindra blog. Spectacular to say the least and a beautifully written post as well.

    Like I said earlier too : You folks give a "being right there with you" experience. Thanks to a descriptive post with some awesome images...Thomas

  7. Deepak / Indrani,

    I am an obsessive compulsive planner, but now I am slowly discovering the fun in leaving some things unplanned.

    Final Transit,
    You will love it. Send me an e-mail if you need help planning it.

  8. Chronicleofmylife, are giving away the story!!

    Hitch Writer,
    Thanks. It was not that cold, except on the boat ride near the glacier.

    I am not really marketing Club Mahindra, just my article on their blog. Cruise would be nice. They say that the Inner Passage between Canada and Alaska is beautiful.

    Thanks for the compliment. That coming from someone who has excellent photographs on their blog....means a lot to me.
    My writing is mostly a simple recount of what we saw and did.

  9. Hi Vamsee! Alaska is gorgeous; I'm sure you had a great time and we are going to see some fabulous pictures...
    Meanwhile you can’t imagine what you’re missing at Blogtrotter now! Lol!!
    Have a great weekend!

  10. I've got Anchorage, Alaska in my 'must see' list since 2 years. Just back from CLAY. What a superb post you've put up there. Thank you for sharing.

  11. gmg,
    Thanks. It was truly an awesome vacation.

    Thanks for visiting the Club Mahindra blog to read my Alaska report. If you do decide to go, then let me know and for a change, I can give YOU travel advice:)

  12. Very Beautiful :) Its in my list too to Visit Alaska some time in life :)

  13. Hi Vamsee, Awesome tale as always... I am planning an Alaska Vacation this May. Is this the only post on Alaska?

  14. Akhila - Email me or look me up on facebook. I can give you all the pointers you want about Alaska.

    1. aaah, thats such a life saver...Thanks so much will do that right away :)