Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Here is my contribution to cuckoo's Photo of the Month. This is from a musical fountain in Barcelona. We were not carrying our tripod that day, so it took a lot of hard work and steady hands to take this picture.

Pink was an easy and hard topic. Easy because I had lots of 'pink' pictures and hard because I had to pick one. I had pictures of a pink gay/lesbian shop in Amsterdam, pink flowers from my garden, a baby in pink clothes, a pink canyon, a pink sands park, pink cherry blossoms and a pink sunset. Since I went through the trouble of going through my pictures and finding these, I am going to go ahead and post them.

Cherry Blossoms on the way to Yosemite National Park, California

Coral Pink Sands State Park, Utah

Pink Petunias from my garden in California


  1. And all of them a different shade of pink! Lovely pictures.

  2. Lovely photos...I like the fountain shot but my favorite is the one with the cherry blossoms. :)

  3. Thanks Mridula.

    I love the picture of cherry blossoms too, but technically it is not a great picture. Nothing is in proper focus!
    When I lived in DC, I loved visiting the Tidal basin in spring.

  4. Awesome! Awesome! sorry dont have words... i need to invest in a good camera yaar

  5. Nice shot of the fountain! You had a very pretty garden in CA.

  6. Thanks Ravi.
    I had a small, but great garden. I really miss it here. I will write a post on it one of these days.

  7. The second and the third pics are truly wonderful !!

  8. Hey Vamsee,
    This is gayatri's friend, Ketaki. Wanted to let you know, amazing pictures. I am going to have to book mark blog. :)
    Also, wanted to know, if you got my email with the postal address..


  9. i like the pink sand ! the instant i saw it i wondered what it would feel like to roll in it or make an angel !

  10. Hitch Writer / Ketaki,
    Thanks. Second is a random shot from the road side. Pink sands was a nice stop on our way to Bryce Canyon in Utah.

    Mysterious Malady,
    That is exactly what we did when we were there. My friend's one year old was ecstatic to play in the sand.

  11. I like them all , the are well composed, simply brilliant!

    Cherry trees photo is my favorite, however it seems bit titled , perhaps on account of one of the tree of the first row left out.


  12. Thanks JV. You are right....the picture is tilted. The place itself was like that and I remember spending a lot of time trying to get it right, but could not.

  13. hi!!!!nice pics!!!
    But I would have picked the second pic for the contest!!!!!

  14. Darn it! Everybody seems to like the Cherry blossom picture. I was going to use it, but Saru gave me the spiel about how it is technically bad!

  15. The picture of the Coral Pink Sands State Park is superb!

  16. Saru and Vamsee, an amazing blog you have here.. loved going through the pics - they all look perfect! Do you remember what month and where was your Cherry Blossom pic on the way to Yosemite was taken? It looks surreal and I would love to explore the blossoms this year.. Keep up the awesome work!